10 Signs You Wont Be Rich

10 Signs You Wont Be Rich

This is gonna sting a little bit because I’m explaining to you ten reasons why people don’t become rich and some of them pertains you! Yes you! You’re going to say I don’t like this reading because a part of this is me.Let me get right into point

Number one# You don’t like rich people.

If you don’t like rich people you’re not gonna become rich. Very simple.

I hate rich

Number two# You think rich people are special.

You think people who are very wealthy became very wealthy because they are just so much more special than you are. It’s one of the biggest misconceptions in the world. They became rich because at some point they said, “I think I can do something with my life. I’m sick of it. I figured out certain talents of mine. I don’t like this thing. My life sucks. I want changes” and they changed. You can do that as well.

Number three# You don’t spend enough time Learning

let me explain to you why. I want you to go on your Google Search history and watch the last 20 sites you have visited on web. And this is what I want you to do. Categorize the search on which ones of them are educational and which ones are entertainment. If 50 percent or more of the videos are entertainment, you’re not really fully committed to wanting to become wealthy. You’re more committed to become entertained and it’s not going to happen go on youtube and look the top 1000 videos.

Keep going until you find the first video that has to do with a “how-to”. How many videos are ahead? Hundreds if not thousands, because most of the world doesn’t care about wanting to full secrets about business and life and entrepreneurship. They want to be entertained. This is why Hollywood makes so much money because they know most of the world. It’s fully just committed to an entertainment.

Number four# People easily make you feel guilty.

People make you feel guilty about all the decisions that you make, everything you do. Your girlfriend says something you feel guilty. Boyfriend says something you feel guilty. Your boss says something you feel guilty. Everything to you is about making you feel guilty and you are crippled by everybody making if you’re guilty. This leads me in to point number five

People can make you feel guilty easily.

Number five# You worry too much about what people think about you way too much.

You know what point number six is it’s kind of a contradiction of point number five but i’ll explain to you why it is

Number six# You worry too little about what the right people think about you

The right people are the people that are helping you get to the next level. Right people are the customers that are buying from you. The right people are the people that are trying to give you an education about business, entrepreneurship. You worry too little about these guys you worry way too much about the people that have no desire to help you get to the next level.

Number seven# You listen to every single thing your parents tell you to do.

A lot of my discipline comes from my father. I love my mom. I love my dad. But my parents are not entrepreneurs and they’re not going to be able to convince me how to manage my money, manage my finances, they’ve never owned a mutual fund. They’ve never owned the stock. What can they teach me about becoming successful in my life. Let me explain if my kid wants to be a professional baseball player and if he takes advice from me on baseball on how to swing the ball when he goes to the next level. There is a problem. I didn’t make it to the major leagues of baseball. He needs to listen to his coach. I can’t be one and tell him “hey this is what you should be doing.

Listening too much to your parenrs

The same goes with business. Your parents love you. Your mom and dad are great. Believe me everyone’s parents are mostly great. They did their best with you not everybody has perfect parents but most people are pretty good parents. They’re not going to teach how to become millionaires unless if they did. If they did, take their counsel. If they didn’t scratch their philosophies for business. Go on from somebody that made Millions.

Number eight# You are too loyal to every single family tradition.

You are too loyal to your family tradition. Let me explain financially, work ethic, diet, what they eat, what they complain about, what they bitch about, what they talk about, you’re so loyal to those traditions. So loyal to them and now talking traditions are prayer. I’m talking about the traditions that have not worked for your family traditions of money when they say “honey! Life is not all about money”, “hey babe I hope you realize you’re working a little too hard”. What do you want me to do?

Mom! Do you want me to work 9:00 to 5:00, so I’m broke for the rest of my life? Is that what you want me to do? You really want me to stress out about money the rest of my life? I’m sorry I don’t want to subscribe to that thinking. That’s the traditions you don’t have to fully commit to. Those traditions unfortunately most people do.

Number nine# You’re an expert at making excuses.

Literally everything that happens in your life, you got a great excuse for everything. I couldn’t show up, it was raining. I was sick, I had a flu. My dog was sick. My mom wasn’t in a good mood. Playing excuse galore for everything. If you have that, money is just not attracted to excuses.

Number ten# Your attitude sucks

if your attitude sucks, no one is turned on by an attitude like that. They’re just not, if your attitude is always complaining, bitching about everything that’s happened in your life. People just don’t want to be around it. Think about it this way you ever see a guy that dates a hot girl and he’s not that attractive? How do you think he got her. It’s not because he’s physically attractive, it’s because his personality is attractive, his attitude is attractive.

Your attitude sucks

She just wants to be around him. She feels good. He makes her laugh, he’s like “if you come along with me in places, life is gonna be good, we’re gonna have a good time”. It’s the same exact way how money is. Money’s turned on by incredible attitude. Very simple. To have a great attitude by the way, it’s not that difficult to do but money’s turned on by great attitude.

So now you got those ten signs that you’ll never be rich. You know what the good news is every one of those things you can change instantly. Whatever you wrote down here and you’re sitting there saying man I suck, I’m never gonna be wealthy, I’m never gonna be rich, yeah you are not gonna be rich but we have certain things in life that were given to all of us and one of the great things about life is, you have a choice. You can change.

You can make a decision right now while you’re reading this. I’m trying to attract myself some money. So I’m trying to seduce money and its working. What do you think? I count a little bit different. Good things are coming around the corner for me. You can change and then all of sudden start, things starts happening for you truly! It starts happening for you. But you got to change now.