15 ways to Start a Speech or a Presentation

15 ways to Start a Speech or a Presentation
What I have found after presenting hundreds of speeches is that if you can start well in a speech or presentation everything seemed to flow from there. If you start poorly and you make a mistake or you’re nervous, it affects everything that you say. Really good speakers like myself know exactly what they’re going to say when they stand up and they use a variety of different ways to start a talk depending upon who they’re talking to ,who has spoken before, what the subject is and so on.Let me just give you some different ways that you can use and you can select the one that you like or the combination. The first easiest of all is

Thank the Organizers

When you get up there is to thank the organizers and the audience. You say ‘Thank you very much for having me here today’ ‘it’s a great honor to be with some of the top people in this industry’. You’ve got them in your hands from the get-go. By the way when you’re thanking the organizers, be very specific. I want to thank Bill Smith and Susan Aragon and Tom Jones and give very specific names of key people in the audience who with whom you’ve had some discussion. That causes them to feel that you’re all one of the gang.

Start with a Positive Statement

Some people think that they start with a downer. It’s a good way to get attention. NO! What I do and I’ve used this for years as I say “Thank you very much for having me. I want you to know that we are looking at one of the very best times in human history. There will be more opportunities in this business to dominate our markets that were before, but they’ll be different from the past.” So you start up and people say “Oh that’s interesting oh I hadn’t thought about that.

Compliment the Audience

Some things what I will do is, I will say you know “It’s a great honor to be here with you because I understand you are some of the top people in this company, which is recognized as one of the best organizations in the world in this industry. Wow! to get a chance to talk to you is a really big deal for me.

Refer to Current Events

You could say “Did you see today in the newspaper where it said this, about that, about this and so on and so forth. This is very important to us and I’ll show you why as we go through my talk today. People are listening,

Refer to an Historical Event

Did you know that today, July 4th in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was formed which actually affected our entire lives and the lives of all our friends and families.

Refer to a Well-Known Persons

You know so-and-so, who lives here, just said this, the other day and how important that is as an observation.

Repeat a Recent Conversation

You get up and you say “Hello! Thank you very much for having me. I’m just talking to Bill Smith over here and he was telling me just before I came up here about the situation that you’re facing in your business.” That’s a good place to start. You have the total attention on everyone.

Make a Shocking Statement

“One of the great statements that I heard is that, Every single person here is going to be in a new business within two to three years or they’re going to be out of this industry altogether, if they don’t continually upgrade their skills”.

Quote from Recent Research

A friend of mine stood up in front of a medical audience roomful of doctors, PhDs and he said “you know the 50% of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their classes”. The audience was shocked. People came up to him at the break and said “Why you’d say something like that? Where your statistics, where’s your research?” It’s called mathematics, half are above the mean, half below. Even these doctors with 15 years of experience didn’t know. so you can quote recent research that they know about.

Give Them Hope

By talking about what great opportunities lay in the future.

Start off with something Entertaining.

Here’s a funny one-liner. But be very careful with humor.

Ask a Question

“Let me ask you a question before we start” and have some raise their hands. Sometimes I will say you’re some of the top sales people in the world but you can do with more money. How many people here would like to double their income? Every hand in the room goes up. You’ve got the whole. If I can show you how to do that in the time we spend together, would that be a good use of our time? You have a hundred percent attention.

Open with a Problem

You can Start with a Story

Build a Bridge

A bridge is to find something that you both have in common. You can say “You know I have spent many hours studying your industry and I’ve spoken to several people in your business or I used to work in your business or industry, when I was a young man”. So I know what you’re facing. Or you can say how many people here have children. Good! Well! I have two children of my own”. This is a very interesting learning experience. isn’t it? Everybody nods their head. Build a bridge of commonality between them and so basically is this all together on the same side.