5 Tips For Increasing Your Google Adwords Quality Score

5 Tips For Increasing Your Google Adwords Quality Score

Google’s worth well over $500 or $600 billion. Why? It’s because everyone is clicking on Google AdWords ads. When you do a Google search, what do you see at the top? It’s a ad. You get in there by paying Google through their service called Google AdWords.

I’m going tp share with you how to improve your Google AdWords quality score. The higher your Google AdWords quality score, the cheaper you’re going to be paying per click. The way Google AdWords works is every time someone clicks on your ads, you pay money. When they don’t click on your ads, you don’t pay money. So if you want to improve your quality score, you have to do a few simple things.

#1 Target very specific keywords.

Don’t do broad match. If you go after very specific keywords by doing exact match, what’ll happen is your ads will only show up for that specific keyword or phrase. When you go to broad, you’re going to end up paying more per click ’cause Google’s going to be showing your ads to a lot of people who aren’t clicking.

#2 Negative keywords.

For example, let’s say you’re selling computers. When someone types in Apple ’cause you’re also a reseller of Apple computers, when someone types in Apple, you may want to add in the negative keyword of food. Because if you show up for ads related to Apple and someone’s looking for the food, you’re going to be wasting money per click, your quality score will go down, and your ad costs will gonna go through the roof. So make sure you add in negative keywords.

#3 Group your keywords.

What I mean by grouping is a lot of your keywords are similar to each other. Put those in one group. By grouping, you can create relevant ad text towards each group. The moment you put all of your keywords in one campaign and you have the same ad text for all of those keywords, what’ll happen is your ad text won’t be relevant towards each keyword, a lot of people won’t be clicking on them, and this will cause your click-through rate to go down and your cost per click to go up, ’cause the way Google works is they optimize for their own revenue. So the higher your click through rate, the cheaper your ads will be. And the higher your click-through rate, the better your quality score will be.

#4 Continue to optimize your ad text

If your ad texts get more click-through than the competitors, your cost per click will go down and your quality score will go up. By testing, you’ll be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. If you’re unsure of this, go look at your competitors. Type in a keyword. You can see the ad texts that other people are using at the top. Usually the people at the top have really appealing ad text and which is getting a ton of clicks. If you can’t find a ton of examples when you’re searching a keyword, go to SEMrush, put in a keyword, and it’ll show you the history of all the people who have been bidding on that keyword and what their ad copy was.

Last but not least,

#5 Optimize your landing page

If your landing page is amazing when people go click through on your ad, go to your landing page, and buy, your quality score will go up. If your landing page sucks and people keep bouncing back off, well, Google will ding your quality score. The way you can optimize your landing page is,
A) Put your keywords on that landing page. So if someone Googles the keyword marketing and your landing page also shows marketing, you’re much more likely to keep the visitor on there and convert.
B) Continually run tests using Crazy Egg. Using Crazy Egg, you can see where people are getting stuck on your landing page, what they like, how far down they’re scrolling, and what you can improve on that page to create a better user experience. That’s it. Follow all those techniques and tactics and you’ll be able to improve your Google AdWords quality score.