7 Traits of Sales Masters – How to Be Great at Selling

7 Traits of Sales Masters – How to Be Great at Selling

Today, I want to talk about the Seven habits of Sales Masters.

How you could sell more faster?

Some of you may be struggling with sales and others may be exceeding your sales and that’s okay if I can help you double yourselves and I am sure that’s not bad thing.

Here are the seven habits I put in place to make it happen.

Step 1: Master the product

You have to know your product. You have to know what you’re selling, know how to use it, how to demo it, but product IQ is only the beginning.

Step 2: Know who your ideal client is.

Prospect wisely. Don’t sell to people who aren’t a product or service fit. Learn to qualify your clients early. Its not just about Qualify, it’s also about disqualifying clients. You need to Ask Tough Questions. Is this the product fit for your company? Do you have the budget? If the answer is No. We disqualify that client.

Step 3: You need a Sales Process

Too often sales people tell me, I don’t need a process, I’ll just win it. Imagine a brain surgeon telling you, I don’t need practice or process, I’ll just go in there and win it. You need a process to be successful.

Step 4: Perfect the Pitch

Be persuasive in your presentation, lead to customer conclusion that you are the right choice. Every presentation has a structure, has the right content, has the right delivery system.

Step 5: Advance the Sale

Clients will always come up with reasons why they don’t want to buy. They want to defer the buy and maybe try to stall the sale. But the best of the best get the right decision makers in the room get commitment and finally they ask to the order.

Step 6: Position your Value not the Price

Today’s sales person is the big differentiate in any sales equation. If the sales person today, can help a customer understand how to increase revenue, reduce costs, expand market share. They now are presenting the Value Trinity and that is the big differentiator.

Step 7: Self Regulation

Best sales people manage their time and their motivation. They focus their time on selling activities that generate revenue but they also stay mentally positive even when they lose a deal.