About Value Addiction

Value Addiction’s amazing story starts when I was 21 years old. I was doing my schooling and saw life which was totally new to me. My parents raised me in an environment where I was like a baby tiger, fully protected and was not let to look at failures or troubles. After high school, I went through many tough phases, confused about the directionless life, forced ambitions, clueless education and degrees.I had this vision of making a life where I create my day, my own work and my own money without really much depending on anybody. Literally anybody. I knew the destination but I was not clear on doing it. I don’t know what to start, when to start and how to start. And so, I had to let life take its own course while I gather the raw material to make this happen. Energy, Motivation, Knowledge,  irrespective of the fields of study I was actively studying things around me and luckily as the internet was on rise then, I could get the maximum knowledge through this. I could channelize everything to a definite chief aim.

With all the knowledge and experience, I wanted to make this platform of Value Addiction open to everyone who is seeking value to their life. I know that everybody is not a pro to understand and implement the strategies of life and make the maximum benefit of it. And so, I decide to make it simple for everyone to understand. I found the necessary methods, tips, How to process things and so on which will make you, the value seeker a successful person.

Value Addiction is focused on five different parts of Life which are the most essential elements.

  1. Money Making
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Marketing
  4. Innovation
  5. Motivation

These key areas will serve you like a Master, who will not only make you strong from inside, but also make you the successful person who in turn becomes a Master.

Value Addiction strongly believes that “Get Rich Quick Formula” doesn’t work at all. Though the rises are amazing, VA looks at the level of impact when those who follow this “GRQF” hit the ground after failure. And so the methods are fully based on long term processes which make you as an individual, ready to take over the world when everybody else is sitting and passing time over unwanted conversations.

Value Addiction exists to teach about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and personal development while inspiring people to break from limiting beliefs or other constraints and achieve their dreams.

Value added through Intelligence is Value Addiction. Though the word ‘Addiction’ seems abusive to some, we look at the positive side and we made this process a healthy and usable. VA speaks on a range of businesses, leadership and entrepreneurial topics including how and why to become an entrepreneur and the importance of learning how to fully process issues.  I am particularly passionate about the need for every individual to pursue their desires.