Bulletproof Tactic to Dominate Google Search Rankings

Bulletproof Tactic to Dominate Google Search Rankings

What’s one of the best ways to grow your search engine rankings? It’s by building links. You already know that, everyone already knows that, but you know what? It’s not just about how many links are pointing to your website.

How to increase your rankings through tier two link building.

What are tier two links? Tier two links are other websites linking to the websites that are linking to you. I know that’s a bit wordy, but think of it this way: if your website is valueaddiction.com, which is my website, I have links from entrepreneur.com. Now, if other people link to that entrepreneur.com article that links to me, that helps with my rankings, why? Because it tells Google that, that entrepreneur.com article and that URL is important. The more people that link to it, the higher authority and the more authority that page will receive.

So then when that page, which is already linking to me, is there, that link will be more effective and it will help boost my rankings faster. How do you increase your rankings to a tier two link building? Well, it’s simple. You go figure out all the sites that link to you. You can use ahrefs.com, put in your URL and it will show you a list of all the websites that link to you. Now, go take those URLs, go take the ones that are the most authoritative and Ahrefs sorts them in order. The ones that are most authoritative are at the top. Take those links and Google what they’re about.

What about Competitor Urls?

You’ll notice that there are other pages similar to them. Take the competing URLs, put them in Ahrefs and you’ll see who links to them. Hit up those webmasters and beg them to link to your Entrepreneur, your Huffington Post article or what other site may be linking to you. And the email you want to use is,

“Hey John, I noticed that you’re linking to Huffington Post and the article on Huffington Post discusses how to raise venture capital. There’s this other article on Entrepreneur Magazine that also teaches you how to raise venture capital. If you think it’s amazing, you should link to it as well.”

It’s that simple. Sending that email template will help encourage more links to the sites that are linking to you and your rankings will start climbing. As you build these tier two links, give it three to five months for the links to kick in and then you’ll notice that your rankings will start rising.