Hack your mind-How to avoid Procrastination

Hack your mind-How to avoid Procrastination

Motive matters and what drives us. I always tell people that there’s a success formula I subscribe to. I call it H cube, that goes from your head to your heart to your hands especially in the personal development space or what they teach about goal setting. You could affirm things in your head or think things in your head or visualize things in your head. But if you are not acting with your hands, there’s something that’s missing. So I tell people to check in with your heart, which is the symbol of the emotion, the energy of motion and so I feel that’s the fuel that fuel’s the car, that gets you to take action for something.

I believe what got me thought it is, figuring out what my WHY was. I think some of the most successful people live at the edge of their limits. Whenever I feel my nervous system, I feel like I can’t do it then I feel like I really must do it. Because I feel like, how we do anything is how we do everything.


Your brain is like a super computer and your self-talk is a program that will run. So you tell yourself you’re not good at remembering names. You will not remember the name of the next person because you program your super computer not to do your self-talk and that is what I tell people to keep it positive and it is empowering because your mind is alwaus eaves dropping on your self-talk. So you have to be careful about what you say to yourself because it is this unconscious command.

I always suggest to

#1 Stop checking your phone in the first hour of the day.

This is the sacred time for me. Because if you start your first hour of the day checking your phone, you’re training yourself to be reactive. You’re getting your dopamine, you’re frying your nervous system with all these likes, comments, shares and everything else like that. You sell your sovereignty, if you start by checking your phone.

Stop checking your phone-Value Addiction

For example, you want to control your diet, the environment around you should be made in such a way that you remove all those which impact your diet control. Similarly when you want your mind to feed on motivation the environment where your mind learns must have the necessary books to keep your mind away from the negative thoughts. You are setting up the environment in a way that triggers the behavior that you want.

If these are not working the way you want, may be the environment you set is not right, may be you are not valueing the change you want to convert youself into. If you planned to read everyday and you gave up on the second day, you are not valueing reading every single day. This happens as you believe that it’s not important to them or you don’t believe you can.

#2 Change the belief system

My favorite way of changing a belief is doing something which I thought I could never do. Because it opens up another possibility. Dr. Wayne Dyer has the famous phrase, “It’s not I’ll Believe it when I do it, It’s I do it when I believe it”. So your belief on to something opens your nervous system for something what else could be possible. It’s not the External resources that Matter, it’s always Internal. We know a lot of people who had no resources that were able to impact the world. It’s baout our internal resources.

Procrastination-value addiction

#3 You can’t wait for Superman to do it.

You have to commit yourselves to be able to vision. You have to be that superman who can do it. There are two most powerful words in the English language. “I am”. Because whatver you put after that determines your destination. Your identity is who you believe you are. If you don’t believe that you are a good parent, or a good employee or a good husband you will never be able to reach your full potential because that’ll always be the ceiling that we bump up against.

I really think that readers are leaders that in order to stay competitive in today’s age. If somebody has decades of experience and they put it into a book and you can sit down and read then in a few days. Download decades in the days, that’s the super power, that’s a huge advantage.