How Goal Setting Is Essential for PPC Success

How Goal Setting Is Essential for PPC Success

The most important thing in setting up for pay-per-click campaign(ppc) is not what you think. I want to talk about how goal setting is essential for pay-per-click success. So why is goal setting so important?

Don’t you have a goal, when you want to sell your product or your service? isn’t that goal enough?

Well it can be, but you need to think about specifically what you want to accomplish with the pay-per-click campaign. Well if you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know if you’ve gotten there enough.

Let’s Just say one of your clients doesn’t have a clue why is goal setting so important in this process?

If you don’t have a goal in ppc campaigns then you may end up bidding on keywords that don’t really advance your business. So people searching for information rather than to buy something for example or people may end up going to your competitors instead of going to you. So you need to really think about what do I want people to do when they when they search for me and when they get to your website.

What this campaign is supposed to accomplish from my business? I found a lot of times clients want to do three or four things all at once. Is that good?

No. You can’t be all over the place because again you’re going to lose the visitor so they’ll be confused. So this is kind of a discipline of upsetting a goal. When you write an article or a paper it’s really helpful to write a thesis statement, this is what I’m trying to this, where I’m trying to get and then you can. Everything sorts out on whether it accomplishes that purpose and you can take a lot of fluff out of it.

Same with pay-per-click campaign and it also measures your success. So if you know what your goal was at the outset then you can measure that and whether you’re accomplished. So if you’ve got three or four goals you might want to divide those into three or four campaigns and then you can target the ad for the goal.