How Successful People Think

How Successful People Think

Imagine if you were a farmer in 1900s and you wanted to start a store in your village. You wanted to be like every other successful person who built something big and made a name for themselves. And when you finally opened your shop it didn’t go the way you thought it would and you had to shut it down. As a result you gave up and went back to farming and only day dream about having a business for the rest of your life. As bad as the story sounds this happens to many people everyday. But like poor farmer you don’t have access to what every successful person did before they made it to the top. Lets see how successful people made it to the top.

Nepolean Hill studied the lives of the wealthiest people back then such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and John D Rockefeller. With his studies he wanted the future generations to use these tips to reach to their full potential. So let’s return back to 1900s and see what mistakes the farmer made and what should have been done instead by using Nepolean’s research. To make it easier for your understanding we name the farmer as Rocher.

The Top Five Principles of Success

Principle 1: Definite Chief Aim

Identify your chief goal. Rocher’s mistake was opening a business with the motivation, so he could be as rich as John D Rockefeller. But after the first week, he notices his business wasn’t getting the attention he thought it would. As each day goes by he gets tired and loses motivation. He then begins measuring how much money he is making to his level of success. He then questions why did he even start his business in the first place.

So set a goal before you achieve it. Not having a solid Aim can set you up for failure because you lose sight of what you wanted. If you open up a business or start a project don’t set your mind to how much money you make or how many customers you get. Focus on creating the best product you can make, focus on doing the best you can at something.

Principle 2: Self Confidence

Believe that you are worthy of the success and that is possible to achieve the goals. Imagine Rocher now questioning himself because he doesn’t know if he is capable of becoming successful. He is scared that he looks dumb and from the entire village if they see him fail. By just having an understanding of how simple it could be to try anything out, you will accomplish your goals is having the will knowing you might fail every now and then but it’s your determination that keeps you going.

Confidence isn’t believing you are going to succeed with zero failures. It’s believing you could do something and if things go bad, you can still come up with a plan to fix it.

Principle 3: The Habit of Saving

Stop trying to buy the most expensive thing as on your mind. Let’s say while Rocher has his business opened and he wanted to show off in front of his friends that he is wealthier than he actually was. He’s spent money on exclusive clothing and accessories, but as the result he used most with business emergency and stocking funds.

Avoid trying to live beyond your needs to prevent the dangers of death. If you feel more comfortable on buying a Chevrolet than a Jaguar, go for it. Create a habit of saving your Money so it gives you more opportunities in the future. SHowing off your wealth is not your goal. The only people you attract are snakes who want you only for money and what they could get from you.

Principle 4: Initiative and Leadership

Being a leader requires knowing the minimum manners of telling others on what to do, acknowledging your own failures and taking responsibilities. Rocher’s mistake was constantly releasing his anger upon th employees who then lost their own motivation to work with him. He never owned up to his mistakes and constantly blamed everyone but himself.

Don;t make yourself try to appear smarter than you actually are. Because that’s a trap that’ll hurt you in the end. Treat your co-workers and employees well because they are the life of your business. A work relationship should be treated just as valuable as a romantic one or a friendhip one.

Principle 5: Using your Imagination

Embrace your daydreams because they can be useful and lead you into ideas that turn into business. Rocher assumes that he is becoming a businessman and he had to get rid of any shot he ever had. HE thought he had to think like a adult and never have fun in order to be great as John D Rockefeller.

Instead what needs to done was give from zero good ideas on ways to improve business or get more customers. Don’t be afraid to dream and use your imagination to lead you towards your goals. Albert Einstein often said that “The true sign of Intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination”. Your dreams and actions will create revolutionary ideas that’ll attract millions.