How to be a Young gentleman

How to be a Young gentleman
Most of the tips mentioned in this are manners and etiquette. Learn these and implement for everyone to have a great impression on you.


We all take saying please for granted. A young gentleman says please whenever he is asking someone for something, whether it is an item, a favor or even advice. Not only is it polite but it also removes the possibility of sounding rude or sarcastic when you are asking for something. Also never ever think that just because someone is doing their job, that they don’t deserve appreciation and a kind please.How to be a Young gentleman-PLEASE-Value Addiction

# Accepting a compliment

As a gentleman in today’s world, you’re bound to receive all kinds of compliments. The best way to accept a compliment is to say Thank You. You don’t need to go on and on thanking them for thanking you certainly, don’t brush them off either.

#Writing Letters

I know this is pretty old school but this is one of the most effective ways to thank someone who helped you because in this modern day generation, something of this kind will make an impact on those and stays with them forever as a memory. In fact when I sent a handwritten note to my uncle about his help, he was glad and came in for a coffee and we had a pretty good conversation about business. This was a great networking opportunity. You should always use special note cards, write appreciation letters often, especially for anyone who buys a meal or gives you tonns of value. It means a lot and is more impressionable and lasts longer than any email.

How to be a Young gentleman-COMPLIMENT-Value Addiction


Always used Excuse me or pardon me to avoid awkward repetitive words and when you’re calling someone don’t yell things like Heyy, Heyy Youu!, instead say Excuse me when trying to get someone’s attention.

#Introduce People

When you are introducing people always try to introduce the younger person to the older person. Instead of saying “Hey John, this is my Dad”, say “Hey Dad, this is my friend John”. also you can add something to the introduction to keep it memorable and exciting.

#Shaking hands

When you are shaking hands, always allow the older person to stick their hand our first. When you are sitting always stand up to shake some hands. This is simply a respect statement. Never make a comment about someone’s handshake unless they bring it up first. Don’t comment on their overly strong or overly weak handshake as this could come off food.

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