How to Have a Millionaire Mindset

How to Have a Millionaire Mindset

One thing I’d like to say about Millionaire is

#1 Millionaires “THINK BIG”

Its really easy to get stuck in this scarcity meantality, but there’s only a small amount of stuff in things to go around. Millionaires are stuck and create the abundance mentality which means that there’s enough to go around and more can always be created. you have to understand that anything you want in life can be created again and again and even multiple times.


millionaires don’t play to avoid losing. They don’t play it to get second, third, fourth. They play to get Number ONE. When you think of poor people, most people think of someone who is living and struggling to eat. If they have the mentality that they need to search for food tomorrow, they can’t focus on thinking big which is a huge drawback. However if you are poor try with all your mind to focus on winning not avoiding to lose. Put small things in line for bigger opportunities.

#3 Focus on “OPPORTUNITIES” instead of Obstacles

If you can turn every adversity into life into an opportunity. You will quickly become a millionaire. If you stick around poor people your mentality becomes poor because your mind always is thinking about issues and obstacles. Put your focus on solving the problem and converting that problem into an opportunity to become rich. This conversion of obstacles into opportunity made every entrepreneur ever rich and will make you rich as well if you can find a way to use it.

#4 “FIX YOUR ROOTS”, Before you go for FRUITS

Many people think that when there is a problem, you can shine it up and make the fruits look pretty and they’ll taste good. This isn’t the problem. For the fruits of your life i.e., Money, relationsips and other aspects to be good, the roots must also be good. Must have great thoughts and action for the fruits to appear and be healthy. If the roots are dead, so will be the fruit. The number one thing people complain about is not having shiny and helped enough with the fruits but what they don’t realize is that complaining is like pouring bleach right over the roots of their life.

#5 Change yours “BELIEF”

There’s a famous quote about how your belief’s becomes your thoughts and your thoughts become your words, your words into actions, your actions become your habits, and your habits become your values, and your values become your destiny. See how your beliefs can literally change into your life. Your subconscious mind is very important to how you live your life. Keeping an open ming is extremely important when changing your beliefs.

And so is being humble and allowing change to come into your life. You can’t just change your thinking once and change from having a poor person mentality to having a Millionaire mentality. To stay a millionaire, you must continually be changing and learning and growing and this is why keeping an open mind is super important.


Avoid complaining and bickering from other people. Just as we mentioned earlier, try to remove the poison like this from your life. Whether that is changing your job, your friends or even some of your family. If they don’t add value to your life or worse if they remove value, spend less time around them. Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere and millionaires notice. Don’t spend any time complaining or listening to anyone else complaing because its practically useless.


When yo work on something a project, a job, an event, don’t expect to get paid for how much work you put in. Instead focus on getting paid for the results. The market doesn’t care if you took your grandpa’s last five thousand dollars and spend your entire summer developing a product. If nobody likes it you get no return you’ll lose. Focus on how many people’s lives you will impact or how greatly you will impact them. And only then you start thinking like a millionaire.