How To Raise Your Standard?

How To Raise Your Standard?

At some point of our lives me, you and all of us, you’re going to come to a point where you’re going to make a decision and say I’m going to be one of your guy or one of your girls, who’ll be one of those OKAY performers.

Do you have a standard?

I’m going to raise everyone’s standards starting with my own. By the way most people have no standards of the performance to whatever they are doing, a lot of people have low standards, very few have high standards. Let me explain what does this mean. I remember a guy named Ram who always had a high standard and he literally didn’t care for anyone around him, and his neighbors were talking on his back badly about him and yet offered millions of dollars to get the business suggestions which were of high standards. This is simply because everybody trusted that guy and they knew clearly that the formula would work at its best if rightly implemented.

Lets take the present scenario. I’m going to open a business and I open up an office in Florida and these guys named Ross decides to come with me. He drives the beetle and I think he is one of the laziest guys I’ve ever seen. I knew him for the past two years and he doesn’t pay his rents on time, he doesn’t lose weight although he keeps saying I’m doing my best, doesn’t get the work done on time. Watching him say this all the time I said “Ross!! Raise your standards”.

Here’s one of my Trainee’s Testimonial

There’s this girl named Kruthika from my home town, who is exceptionally good with the skills and has been working hard for her Masters to get it done on time. Although everything seemed cool, she meets with an accident and lost her scope on her dreams and her goals. She wasn’t able to take control of the situation and merely lost everything, she said to me in a conversation. But then, I told her you can still work this out by simply thinking out of the box and take control. She was all tears and worked out on it slowly. Today she says, Pat, you have no idea how much impact your words made on me. She raised her standards and took situations in control and created a space which changed her perspective of the regular thinking person.

How do I do it?

Now, how do I do it. Here’s is the kicker. Every six months I raise my standards. I go higher and higher on this and when I say this the first time it was very awkward. Because I started seeing some people were uncomfortable being around. I started seeing someone not at all being interested to stick around. Because they don’t like me pushing their butts off all the time. Now this happens for you as well and don’t worry this is normal, because you are above the mindset of a normal person and its okay.

Also, understand one thing. As you grow higher with your standards your audience becomes smaller and smaller, your relationships become smaller. But here’s what you acquire becoming a man of high standards. The people that become your audience will be the people who are of high standards. The low standards and the people with no standards can’t stand people with high standards.

World is ran by people with the high standards. And no matter how many low standards or no standard people speak about you. The proof is always flashing in the skies.