How to write great ad copies

How to write great ad copies

Now speaking of How to Write great Ad copies

This is an obvious question but how do you write great pay-per-click ads. I mean not just average but great paid ads.

This is a process and so where do you start?

The first place that you start is to think about what makes your business unique. What sets you apart from your competition and in marketing we would call it the USP or unique selling proposition.

So why is that important to writing an ad well?

Remember in pay-per-click you’re on a page with people who are selling something similar to you or who are offering a similar service. So you’re up against all your competition. You’ve gotten set yourself apart.

So know what the difference is to start with?

So the next step is to write your call to action. The call to action in a pay-per-click ad would depend on what it is that you want people to do when they come to your site. So the net is basically what the call to action is. what do you want them to do when they get there? you want them to buy now? do you want them to register? you want them to download?

So is the call to action then in the text ad itself or is it on your landing page or both?

It should be in both places definitely. Should be involved with its people who are searching are in a hurry and they needed to remind them what they’re doing there.

The next step after you’ve written your call to action is to incorporate the keywords into the ad copy, so you want to make sure that your ad appears very relevant to the people who are searching and a good way to do that is include the keyword.

Let’s just let’s think of an ad here. What would be the call to action for this ad and how would the keywords fit into this?

For instance Bluetooth headsets: somebody search for bluetooth headset. So you want to include that ideally in the ad title and again in the ad copy. If you can, so you might say “Bluetooth headsets 80% off with free shipping-buy today”. So the call to action is “BUY TODAY” and “free shipping” is why they should buy from us and the price you got it all in there.

The next step is and we kind of touched on in to include numbers in your ad that helps make them stand out from the pack. So include a price if you’re selling something. If you’re not selling something still include any kind of a number. “In business for 25 years” “Over 1 million customers”. Adding numbers helps it stand out on a page of all text.

Think about the search results all text now if I put my price up there some people might say, well, that’s too high so maybe I shouldn’t include a price?

No you still should include it in there because remember you pay whenever somebody clicks okay if they’re priced shopping they’re gonna click on your ad, see the price and go oh that wasn’t that it too much but you paid for their class you paid for the clip and you didn’t get the sale okay so since you have to pay every time they click you know what I’m to click unless they’re gonna be a good potential person.