How To Learn Anything In Half The Time

How To Learn Anything In Half The Time

How do you learn a subject or skill in half the time. Let’s do this together. I want you to right now think of a subject or skill that you just want to learn fast. You want to learn it rapidly at an accelerated rate. You want to learn faster so you can achieve faster.I want you to remember four Letters


F stands for FORGET

You have to forget what you already know about the subject, so you can learn something brand new. Often lot of people don’t learn faster because they feel like their cup is full and they feel like they know it already. So always remember “Start with the Beginner’s mind”. I would also say forget about what’s going on in the world and its not important because if you try to think about things that are going on and be present, you can’t do that and you’re only using a fraction of your own potential if you’re distracted. I would also say “Forget about your limitations” because you don’t know what you don’t know.

A stands for ACTIVE

What do I mean by Active? If you feel overloaded with too much to learn and too little time. Like do you have books in your shelf you haven’t read yet. You get more than emails a day. You listen to podcasts or so much information out there but if you feel like you’re stressed, like you can’t keep up. Here’s the thing. It’s not your fault. Because we all grew up with the 20th century education that prepared us for a 20th century world which at the turn of the century was working in factories and farms. But now, we live in an autonomous electric cars and spaceships to Mars. But when it comes to learning its like a horse and buggy. Learning is not a spectator thing, you have to take notes, you have to be involved and stay active to learn quickly.

S stands for STATE

It means the current mood of your mind and body, because here’s the key to better memory. Information+Emotion=Long Term Memory. Always remember that “All learning is state dependent” Now that you want to learn more, you have to control your state. Since you are the incharge of your state, you must take control over it.

T stands for Teach

Learn it like you will teach it to someone else. Because when you’re learning it to teach it, then you’re going to pay attention differently. Then you’re going to make it your own and then you’re going to remember it differently. Because when you teach something you get to learn it twice.