LEVERAGE creates wealth

LEVERAGE creates wealth
I think we are all taught that we trade hours for dollars. Even I was taught in high school and college all throughout my academic career that HARDWORK=SUCCESS and the wealthy laugh at that. I mean they knew hardwork doesn’t equals success. Unless you are talking about hardwork in thinking.

How do people use leverage and how do they use thought process to get rich?

Well, they leverage everything. It’s one of the greatest lessons I ever learned from the wealthy in the last 10 years of observations. They leveraged their education, their contacts, their knowledge, their money, they leveraged everything to help them build greater wealth.

I agree with the fact that Leverage creates wealth. Leverage creates opportunities and Leverage lets you do the things that you are best in the world. I think too many entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves and don’t realize that there are easy ways to get people to help you and it doesn’t have to cost you lots of money. Lot of people think I need to go out and spend money on somebody to help me and I don’t have that kind of money. I’m not even making that kind of money yet.

3 Opportunities to Leverage

#1 You can hire people part-time
#2 If you’re standing for something important, have a powerful mission. You can get people on board who want to join you because they love what you’re all about.
#3 Tapping into the connections and resources and people in your family and community and friends and neighbors and see if they can lend some assistance at the start.

It’s just getting out of the mindset that you have to do everything yourself. As long as you try to do every single thing yourself in the business,

You’ll never get to where you want to go because you are doing a bunch of stuff which you’re not good at. If you’re only spending 10% of your time doing the things you care great at. How can you build something great.

And so, as soon as you get in the mindset, I need to build a team, I need to have people around me to support what I am weak at, that’s when you start to create real leverage and build something that matters.