Performance Marketing and Digital Presence

Performance Marketing and Digital Presence

Our performance marketing team starts from first principles, adds the technology edge and improvises further based on years of our experience. An important differentiator of ours is the proprietary technologies we deploy to extract the best performance from your marketing spends. Use of digital marketing platforms (DMPs), programmatic bidding and end-to-end attribution models power our optimisation methods. These technologies have been carefully crafted based on first hand experience of working on campaigns across categories, industries and company sizes.Our performance marketing team is led by some of the best and experienced in the domain. Partner with us and see first hand how our analytics’ secret sauce drives your brand to a market leading position.

Digital Presence

Our digital presence team helps spread your brand’s message to more people, more effectively. Team uses specialized techniques to define consumer segments, chose the right positioning and devises the right communication strategy to help deliver the message to the right audience.

Our digital presence practice is run by creative leaders who have built several industry leading brands in their past careers. The team brings in the required agility in creativity which yields some of the most creative campaigns adding to your brand’s equity.

Our experience of working on a variety of brands has helped us device smart technologies which help measure your brand’s share of voice and share of engagement vis-a-vis your competitors. Our content curation engine helps your brand publish winning content with ease. Incremental technologies which add up to give your brand a significant advantage.