Public Speaking Tips-The power of the Pause

Public Speaking Tips-The power of the Pause

I’d like to share with you one of the little-known secrets of the top professional speakers and it is called

The Power of the PAUSE

In speaking, the drama and the power of the speech is contained in the silences that you create, as you move from point to point. This is an art and you can learn with practice. Many speakers are nervous when they stand up in front of an audience as a result they speak faster, with a higher pitch to their voice and without pausing. When you are more relaxed, you speak slower, you pause regularly and you have a deeper and more authoritative tone of voice as either a man or a woman.

There’s nothing as attention-grabbing as a Pause. When you pause you bring people up short. They mentally trip and fall into the silence that you have created they immediately give you back their full attention. Each time you pause, go silent, smile, you get them to recenter themselves on you and what you are saying.

For instance the ‘Dramatic Pause’ is used to make a particular point stick in the minds of your audience. You can use a dramatic pause immediately before delivering an important point and you can use a dramatic pause immediately afterwards, to allow people to absorb the importance of what you just said.

For example I would say, there are three keys to doubling your income in the next six months. If you practice these keys nothing can stop you from earning more money than you’ve ever earned before.

Key number one is this- and you start and at the end you stop
Key number two is this- and then you start and describe it and then you stop and

at the end you just stop and allow people to absorb. Another pause you can use is called the ‘Sentence Completion Pause’. This should be illegal because it’s so powerful and this is where you make a statement or quote a line that everyone has heard before and knows the words. When you give the first half of the line or even nine-tenths of the line, the audience mentally leans forward to complete the sentence with you. This causes them to engage more closely with you and to listen with greater attentiveness to what you’re saying. Whenever you use this technique you must discipline yourself to stop and wait until the audience speaks up and completes this end. You then repeat the words to finish the thought. You’ll have the total attention of the audience.

Here’s an example of what I do. I’m talking about selling and running a business in competitive times and I say but you’re not afraid of that because when the going gets tough the tough get goiinng. Everybody in the audience completes the sentence they leave for the go oing they always say it. They don’t necessarily speak aloud. They finish the sentence in their mind so it’s very powerful technique you can use.