Self-Doubt-The worst enemy you carry with yourself

Self-Doubt-The worst enemy you carry with yourself

Confidence is not something you have. Is something you create and you can create at any moment in time. A sense of confidence is nothing but a sense of power within yourself, a sense of certainty that you can pull something off and you can create that feeling literally in a moment. It’s not something that you live with. There is no one that i’ve ever met that no matter what situation they’re in is always confident. Everybody gets knocked off, kilter at times. The key is, can you turn the confidence on when you need it so you can get the most out of yourself. Does that make sense so far.

So you’ve got to remember that feeling confident is nothing but a state of mind and you can change and create any state you want at any moment in time no matter what’s going on around you. You’ve got to remember that any feeling you’ve ever had in your body whether it be fear, anxiety, concern, depression, frustration or ecstasy, power, unstoppability, confidence, success those emotions any emotion you feel comes from the way you use your physical body. The only way you can feel anything is by the way you move, the way you breathe, your facial expressions.

So if you’re not feeling confident you don’t have to intellectually try and pump yourself up because it doesn’t always work. I’m sure you’ve tried it time to go well. I need to be confident. I know i should be confident, but you’re still not there. Let me tell you the quickest way to get confident is to change your physiology radically. Emotion is created by motion. The way you move your body, physically the way you breathe your facial expressions instantly affects your emotional state the way you feel and the way you think. So if you need confidence you must move in a confident way. You must literally put yourself at level 10 or above, if you’re confident enough you can develop the competence. But if you’re competent and you don’t have confidence you’ll never succeed. There are many competent people who could accomplish incredible results but they’re missing the confidence. Am i suggesting to you to be foolhardy? No!! What i’m suggesting to you is learn how to turn on the confidence rapidly.

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Use enough of it to learn what you need to know to be competent in effect and produce the results but you’d be surprised how much more you know. Then you realize if you really get yourself in the right state of mind. Does that make sense? Try it. Try moving your body in a confident way stand the way you be standing if you felt unstoppably confident. Breathe the way be breathing if you felt unstoppably confident. Really go for it. Put the kind of expression on your face that you have. If you are unstoppably confident and make some gestures. Actually move your hands out with some powers. If you’re trying to make a point with real power and what you know that what you’re gonna say is gonna be effective and just notice how that feels. Say something! Say yes! And the tone of voice is somebody who is totally confident don’t lose!

Yes with some power and just feel that feels in your body. Get a sense of it. Turn on more intensity than you would normally use when another person just feel it in your body. So you feel what it’s like you want to be able to turn it on, just by turning your body on. This is critical. This is a power you can go from being afraid to strong in a matter of moments.

Now try something really stupid and silly. Using your physical body effectively can put you in a state of confidence no matter what was happening around you, no matter how intense the situation, no matter how scary, no matter how difficult, you always have that resource. Break out of that jail if you don’t feel like you have confidence. Create it right now. It’s not a thing that somebody gave you years ago. It’s not something you missed out on. It’s something you create by the way you speak, by the way you move, by the way you gesture, control your mental focus.

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Remember what you focus on is going to determine, how you feel. So if you focus constantly on how things might not work out and you look it in your brain, all the possibilities of well ‘what if this doesn’t work’ or ‘what if that doesn’t happen’, about your mental focus. Of course you’re gonna lack confidence. Remember we experience whatever we focus on. So if you’re focusing on how things won’t work you’re gonna feel the pain that you associate to, that you’re gonna create a tremendous amount of doubt and then it usually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You don’t get what you want. But when you expect and focus on one result. You say ‘this is what it is. I’m going to accomplish this. I expect it immediately.’

Your level self-confidence goes up and you feel active immediately because your brain says “hey if i do this, i can get some pleasure in my life!” Does that make sense? That’s the process we’re talking about.

We must control our focus and one way to do it of course is to control our focus by controlling the questions we ask ourselves. Invariably people who have a lot of doubt, ask questions are creative. If you walk around in life believing that the only way you can feel confident is if you’ve already accomplished something. You got a problem. You’re limiting yourself to the number of things you can ever feel confident about and succeed. In other words some people say well how can i be confident when i’ve never done it before. Listen i feel confident all kinds of things i’ve never done before. You say well that’s because you’re a screwed up. Well that’s not why it is it’s because i come from a belief system that says this that ‘if i can imagine it i can achieve it’.

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So if i can even imagine it i know i can achieve it and that allows me to be confident. Plus i have a belief system that says if i’m committed there’s always a way to make it work. And no matter how tough the situation is if i don’t know how to make it work somebody else does. And i can get their help. So i come from that place and that allows me to be confident. I know i can get help, i know if i’m committed, there’s a way to do it and i know that anything in the past i’ve really been able to imagine accomplishing and finding a role model for. I can’t accomplish. Hey listen everything you do now you once weren’t good at everything you do now there was a time when you had not done it. Why wait to get confident besides that i know i can be confident about what i’m about to begin because i know look if it doesn’t work out i’ll learn something and that makes me feel confident, because of that learning will allow me to be better in the future. In other words set yourself up to be able to be confident.

Again i’m not suggesting me foolhardy. I’m just telling you how to turn confidence on when you need it. And most the time you do need it. What’s the potential of any human being. I personally believe it absolutely is unlimited. None of us even come close to scratching are real potential. There are a lot of people who go out there and take a lot of action and still get lousy results. Why? Action by itself is great but it is not enough. Success starts with our beliefs. That is the core of your performance. Think about it see the potential is there but if for some reason you start out with some learning beliefs like -well i don’t have that much self-confidence anyway or i don’t have the background or i’ve never done this before so i probably won’t succeed anyway. If you have that belief, are you likely to tap a lot of your potential highly unlikely. Now if you don’t think you’re gonna succeed, you’re not using much potential are you likely to take massive action hardly.


Now when you tap a little bit of potential and you only take a little bit of action, what kind of results do you get- a little bit of results. Now what does that do to your brain and your beliefs. Your brain goes ‘see i told you’. So now you have this reinforcing belief matter because it points back to that experience. So what happens you have even less belief, you have even less potential, you take even less action. If that’s possible you get even worse results and now you’re truly locked into the downward spiral to the point where now you start looking and how can you do the very least to get by. That’s called death rattle to personal success. The opposite is also true too. Sometimes people have an experience in life. Or for some reason they get a result or something happens and they begin to absolutely believe. Not just hope but know that they can accomplish something. When that happens whether it because you changed your body or you had a new experience, you’re gonna tap a lot more potential when you know you’re gonna succeed. Aren’t you?

And therefore you’re gonna probably take a lot more action knowing you’re gonna succeed you’re inspired you’re gonna go for it. When you take a lot of action and use a lot of your potential. What kind of results you get? Usually great results. When you get great results, what does that need your belief. Your brain goes ‘boom! See i told you. You would succeed’ and sure enough now your beliefs are even stronger. So what do you do you tap even more potential. You take massive action and you get even greater results. What happens to your beliefs, they are even stronger. And now you’re in that success cycle. You’re in that place where you literally have momentum that drives you to a whole new level.

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That’s how beliefs are formed. You might say ‘well! How can i get results though? What do i do if i’m on the downward spiral?’ well you don’t change your potential, that’s always there. You don’t just take action although, that’s a great first step. You’ve got to change your beliefs and that one of the easiest ways to do that is change your results in advance. If you want to succeed you need to rehearse over and over succeeding until it’s so real for you, your brain begins to believe it. Now you’ll tap or potential, you’ll take better action in real life you’ll get better results. Then it’ll reinforce your belief and now you’re off and running. Does this make sense? This is the way to create lifelong unstoppable self-confidence. If you really want to be confident know what causes people to lack in it. Focusing too much on yourself and not enough on other people will guarantee that you’ll lack confidence.

What do i mean? I mean some people like confidence because they pick themselves apart they spend all day every day analyzing themselves. Why did i do this? Why don’t i do that? How come i never accomplish these things? They asked lousy questions, they get lousy answers and they create a tremendous amount of self-doubt. You wanna have more confidence. Stop analyzing yourself so much and focus on other people how you can contribute to them. And as you start giving better people, you’ll feel more confident about what you can even do for yourself. That makes sense?


And finally this you can feel confident if all you do is remember some of the things you’ve accomplished in your life. You are a successful, competent person. You’ve done a lot of things in your life extremely well, no matter who you are what your background is there are things in this world that you are really good at. Things you’ve really accomplished in your life that you’ve got to be proud of.

Every human being i meet i know is my superior. Because i know all of us in life have focused our attention on various things and whatever you focused on a lot you’re good at. And every human being i meet in my life i know that i’m superior to in some way as well that makes me feel confident as well knowing i can learn from other people and that i can give too. So in order to help yourself really have reasons to feel confident, not just put yourself in state but to feel like you got reasons all you’ve got to do is manage your memories better. Pull out some of your memories of tough situations in your life. Well you didn’t think you could pull it off but you turned it around. You have some of those don’t you?

Situations when you thought ‘i could never figure a way to pull this off’ and yet you did. You need to remember more of those and lessen the times and you felt overwhelmed. Pull out of your memory files. Some of the references that can show you that, you deserve to be confident, that you’re competent and confident, that you can make things happen even in the toughest of times and use those examples to remind yourself in the future that whatever’s going on you can find a way.

“The Worst Enemy To Creativity Is Self-Doubt