The Power of Positive and Negative Thinking

The Power of Positive and Negative Thinking

Life is full of many different contradictions and one of the ones I want to talk to you about today is the fact that you have this big group of people saying THINK POSITIVE. Always think positive, positive, positive and positive all the time.As a matter of fact, there is book named

“The Power of Positive Thinking”

It was one of the ten books that I read, it’s phenomenal. I loved reading it. But as life get going and as I was getting mature I wanted to come out with certain VALUES and PRINCIPLES that cleared up my philosophy to the point where I’m so confident in the decisions I am making. When I get to that point, I’m so confident because I’m resolved. I trust the decision I’m making because I have a way and I am processing it in my mind that I’m not overthinking it.

Let me explain.

Lets say you have two books and one on your right has a book named
The Power of Positive Thinking and on your left you have a book named
The Power of Negative Thinking by Bob Knight and then I read
Law of Success by Nepolean Hill and so on.

Now, my mind asks Who’s right, should I think positive or should I think Negative or should I just live as it is without coming to conclusions about life. Here’s the perfect system that came to me and here’s how it goes

Let’s say if I am in a situation health-wise that I don’t like my life. Let’s just say I have a business right now that I don’t like what I am doing. I have to ask the question and anticipate what could possibly happen if I continue going the way I’m going right now.


Now If I do this, I am going to business in nine months from now. This is anticipation


I accept this I go wrong with my business, I accepted it and then you don’t have to change anything. If you don’t accept it, then you need to come out and change your approach to see what could happen positively.


I have to prepare and put a plan together on what I need to do, in case that day comes, I’m ready for it. So I am looking little bit positive that I’m going to do my part and negative, what if this doesn’t work out because this way its not going to work out.


It is what once you prepare you put your strategy together, the plan together. This is what should be changed, changing model etc., and then apply implementation.

If you take that approach you have to have positive thinking and negative thinking because crisis is going to happen. Do you really think that everything’s going to work out because you feel like you’re the luckiest man alive.

So if only I anticipate, accept, prepare and apply the approach in the best situation to get the highest return possible.