Types of Intelligence Needed to Make Money

Types of Intelligence Needed to Make Money

Today, I want to talk to you about types of Intelligence.

You ever hear people say he is very intelligent, he is very bright or smart and we say “Okay, That’s great, a person smart”. Why he got a degree or she got a degree. I was reading a book by Robert Kiyosaki the other day “8 Lessons in Military Leadership For Entrepreneurs”-a highly recommended book to read, whether you are in military or not, Its valuable.

He describes the types of Intelligence in a way that I really was inspired and compelled to share it with everybody else. He breaks it down and what’s the most important level of intelligence and then what’s the least important amount of intelligence.

The first one among the types of intelligence he talks at the highest level is,

Spiritual Intelligence

What does he mean by this? It is not something that prays everyday who goes to church every sunday and will read bible everyday. This has nothing to do with the religion. Spiritual Intelligence is something that has an unwavering faith and will that something’s going to take place. Logical people have very hard time with this person because they see this person as a con artist, but that person’s got a very high spiritual intelligence. Those who has this have the willpower to get an army or a group of people to say, We can do this, let’s go get it. And it’s a consistent thing.

General MacArthur once said “It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.” The Will here is the Spiritual Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

This is about someone who knows how to react to a crisis, challenge in time. When someone is attacking you and somebody panics and they don’t know how to handle. You’re going to be in crisis sometime now or later amny times and that situation makes you weak in thinking and you try to find a reason to quit as you didn’t have the emotional intelligence. But the person with Emotional Intelligence says, That’s okay, we can make it. Here’s what we need to do to get this out of our path.

Physical Intelligence

When I hit the gym in the morning at 5, there’s this guy named Albert who inspires me to do things right and he has been a good mentor in the gym. Though he can do good sets of reps and stuff, he won’t read a thing ever. When I suggest him certain book to read. He doesn’t do it. Has this immense capability to observe someone do it and instantly he catches and does it perfectly without any knowledge of reading. He observes and then physically he does it. This is called as a Physical Intelligence.

Mental Intelligence

This is the least important intelligence of all. What it is? Book smart, degrees, schooling, universities, education and stuff. It is like an athelete who reads all the sports books but doesn’t know how to throw a pass or catch a pass or run the play. Because that’s mental intelligence. Mental intelligence doesn’t build a large organization, it doesn’t necessarily become a leader.

It requires spiritual intelligence with emotional intelligence behind it to go through the tough times and physical intelligence as well as mental intelligence.

When you look ath these four intelligences, you have to rank yourselves
1) How well am I myself in Emotional Intelligence
2) How well do I do with Spiritual Intelligence.
…. so on on different types of intelligence

Now you’ll see a difference when you start working in all these types of intelligence and there isn’t a single person reading this doesn’t have an areas of this part says I can work in this area to improve myself in my life.