Why Getting Rich Too Quickly Can Be Bad!

Why Getting Rich Too Quickly Can Be Bad!

Most people like the idea of getting rich, which is why so many people buy into these get-rich-quick schemes. Well, having more money can ease the financial stress and give some level of freedom. It can also come with lot of potential downfalls when it comes to you very quickly. Every person in situation is different but there are some common problems associated with getting too rick too quickly.

Changes them too significantly

One of the first potential problems that comes up when people get too rich too quickly in a short amount of time is that, it can change them pretty significantly when you make money quickly. You don’t have much time to settle into a new lifestyle. You’re thrown into it. It can go into your head and you can start indulging in lavish habits and developing in an expensive tastes. Now this isn’t a bad thing in and out of itself, but if the altitude changes with your lifestyle you might start to behave in a way that comes off as snobby or pretentious to the people around you and that’s significant among the challenges that a sudden increase in money brings the strain in relationships is said to be one of the hardest.

The Sense of Isolation

You’re changed persona can contribute to this but even without any change in you, the new financial situation can make you feel isolated from friends and family being able to afford a different kind of lifestyle often leads your loved ones behind because they don’t have the money to take part in the same activities. You might think that including them in your new adventures can sidestep the problem but that you don’t want them to feel awkward about the cost that you’re covering for them. Where the problem might be as simple as them seeing you differently and then acting differently around you.

The Sense of Isolation-value addiction


This is another issue that can get in the way of your relationships. Money is something that most people want more of. Even if they already have enough that can afford everything that they want. When you suddenly have a lot and they don’t. Your friends and family can become jealous of what you have and even bitter about the fact that you have it. Their feelings will start to form a rift between them and you because it’s based on their own feelings and not something that you did to them and because that it’s based on their own feelings and not something that you did to them.

There’s little that you can do to resolve the problem it’s something that they have to work through and you can only hope that eventually they’ll be able to accept the fact that you have become wealthy and moved past it. Slow increase is better since it gives everyone a chance to adjust to change over time. You are not responsible for how other people feel. But you aren’t affected by when they don’t react well to your new found wealth


Some people might even start o have rumors about how you gained money. A lot of people like to spread the rumors about you doing it in the wrong manner. You won’t only notice a change in relationships because of how other people feel about you though you’ll feel differently about some of the people around you. Now that we’ve established that money changes people and it can change your friends and family, you might find that some of the people you care about, start to ask you favors, investments or loans. This can cause you to feel uncertain about your relationships especially new ones. Do they like you for you or do they just want you for money. Experiencing this with one friend can spark paranoia about all the other relationships.

When you accumulate money over time, it doesn’t seem as dramatic as an increase in wealth and people are less likely to see your financial gains as an opportunity for themselves. When it comes all at once, they see you as having enough of an abundance that you could spare some and some people might even be bold enough to ask you to share.

How to relate to money will change too

When you get money in bulk you lose the interest and the exciting part of acquiring things or purchasing something you always dreamt of. When you were working at office 12 hours a day. You clearly had a vision on why you are doing so. It could be clearing your debts, or buying an expensive car. And when you buy this with your hard work it will be exciting for you. But if you show off your wealth on buying things the value diminishes and it will never be an asset.